Design Project of Cofco
About Client

COFCO is the largest supplier of diversified products and services in the agricultural products and food industry in China, It is devoted to utilizing renewable natural resources to provide healthy and nutritious food, high quality lifestyle and services, as well as contributing to improve people's living standards, social prosperity and stability.

Wine bottles Design

Type: Food

Our challenge we had to faced is design the wine bottle to enhance the brand value of the GREATWALL Wine. The design add a masterly sculpted dragon of glass work , defines the Imperial as the ultimate temptation. It's not only the taste that impresses; also the specially designed dragon bottle creates a unique feeling of luxury.

Mini keg Design

Type: Food

We helped create the visual of feeling luxury for the party house. We develop a solution which would represent Wine barrel of high quality of the Cofco proposition whilst also effectively complementing the different visual identities of the existing wine brands that would ultimately be launched in this format. Stainless with glass to symbolize the unique characteristic of the Cofco concept.